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AS13000 – 8D Problem Solving


(20 Hours)

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Overview Of Course

This three-day course covers all the training requirements stated in AS 13000 – Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers. The AS 13000 Standard mandates the use of the Eight Disciplines (8D) approach to a structured problem-solving methodology regardless of customer.  8D is a widely used and effective problem solving process approach to problem solving activities that includes:

D0 – Implement Immediate Containment and Preparation

D1 – Form the Team

D2 – Define the Problem

D3 – Containment

D4 –Root Cause Analysis

D5 – Identify Corrective Action

D6 – Implement Corrective Action

D7 – Preventive Action

D8 – Recognize the Team


Following a disciplined problem-solving approach is absolutely-critical to ensure that root cause(s) are correctly identified, and the effects eliminated to avoid recurrence. The Aerospace Supplier Engine Group has approved the AS13000 Standard which requires that suppliers use the 8D process when responding to a customer demand for corrective and preventive action.

Who Should Attend?

Supplier Personnel who will participate, lead or act as a problem-solving practitioner.  Such personnel are required to trained by a training provider meeting the requirement of the “training syllabus.”


Course Prework

Students are required to complete course prework consisting of three questions that will be reviewed the first morning of the class.

Student Application

The AS13000 Standard requires that persective students have a minimum amount of knowledge or experience concepts related to quality control, risk, safety.

Benefits and Learning Objectives?

The course addresses the key stages of 8D problem solving including:

  • Acting rapidly to put immediate containment action in place to protect the customer!

  • Find and fix the root cause(s) with a permanent corrective action on all current product

  • Prevent the recurrence of the problem in the future by identifying and implementing preventive action anywhere possible within the organization

What Topics Are Covered?

  • Team dynamic and facilitation; management of resources and competencies

  • Practical examples or case studies

  • Questioning and listening techniques

  • Basic tools as specified in the table below

  • Human factors and error/mistake proofing

  • Go/look/See à observe the process where it is performed

  • Testing the solutions

  • Ingredients of good/bad problem-solving process

  • Communication with stakeholders


Course Delivery, Recognition & Exam

This is a highly interactive training course based on instructor lead sessions, individual exercises, student lead open exchanges, and group workshops.  Student are assessed throughout the class and must show a satisfactory level of participation and knowledge. 

This course has been independently reviewed and accepted by Probitas Authentication.


A final exam is provided to demonstrated evidence of knowledge.  Students must score a minimum of 70% on the exam.

Why choose Amera-Veritas, Inc.?

We have extensive experience working in the Aerospace Engine community provided a wide range of training in the areas of quality, risk and supply chain management.  With a proven track record of high-level professionals and training delivery.

This training is offered both through public open courses or in-house forums.

Class Schedule

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