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Intelligence That Matters!

Consulting Solutions, Auditing & Training


Amera-Veritas, Inc., has established itself as a leader in the areas of risk management, safety, quality assurance and supply chain services. 

With a global presence, we have a proven history of providing intellegent support to our customer that improve quality and safety, reduce risk and ensure compliance with a variety of International Standards.


This combination has lead to improved customer satisfaction, stakeholder value and organizational efficiency.


Our customers are both large and small organization including government and private industry. 


Our commitment to providing your organization with the highest competent professionals in the world that can can provide solutions to even the most challenging conditions.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with value added services that improve performance and reduce their risk exposure. 

  • AS13000 8D Problem Solving

  • AS 91xx Auditor Training

  • Consultancy

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Quality System Development

  • Audit Assessments

  • Customized Training

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Six Sigma

  • ​Operations Management

  • Supplier Assessments

  • ​Strategic Planning

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